We also repair and maintain chimney stacks by re-pointing, re-building, capping, new pots and cowls.
Here are some before and after photos of some of the jobs that we have done.


Before re-pointing.                                                                             After re-pointing.


Not much left of this one.                                                                All bricks are loose.                                                                            


All bricks re-set and re-flaunched.                                                The joints on this stack were like sand.


All re-pointed.                                                                                   Quite a high stack with four pots and alot of 
                                                                                                            work to do. 


All four pots and flaunching needed a lot of attention.             All capped of as not required and ventilated to.           


This was fitted onto a log burner, this clay cowl                        New pot, cowl and re-flaunching all legal
is used only for gas and is very dangerous if                            and safe now.
used for solid fuel.